Thursday, December 2, 2010


So last night I was I having dinner with an old college friend in Williamsburg and he insisted that I use a better platform for my photography. Now here I am procrastinating at work creating this thing. I figure since i use my facebook as a blog then this would be a breeze..... WROOONNG! lol. I suck at all and anything web related or starts with HTML, XMLY, or coffee lol. (last one was joke get it haha, yeah I'm a corn ball at times haha). But actually isn't that bad. SO what shall I post first.... I guess I will introduce you to some of my work, the most recent in fact, and hope you like it. 

These are apart of a series I completed at 3rd Ward studio. I reference Patrick Demarchelier and through a bit of Heidi Slimane in there. I love there work. Over time you will see the army of Photographers I love and have worked with lol.

On a side note. A couple of weeks ago I just finished JR art direction for one of our clients and we shot with the wonderful Crystal Renn. She was amazing and we became cool people's afterward. Just saw her new editorial in French Vogue and I thought you all whould check it out here:

I am sure there will be more to come DEUCES!

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A Blast from the Past

A Blast from the Past
Peter Linbergh reference Shot by myself.