Friday, December 3, 2010

Something old, Something new, Something Borrowed, and Something a HOT MESS lol

So I was going over our library to pull inspiration for my next story and was stopped in my tracks several times by some amazing stories and stylist. People and friends always ask what makes a good photo a good photo blah blah blah its all subjective and all that crap. Not true! I spend a lot of time looking at other photographer's work comparing, taking notes, and you do notice a huge difference. If you spend some time studying fashion photography you can easily tell who references who, how meticulous a photographer is on detail, subtleties and nuances in lighting,  and who's just a plain hack! lol  For instance any one who knows photography well or in the industry probably  all knew Rhianna's video was a salute to photographer Tim Walker. I like his work for color and fantasy.

My very close friend and amazing stylist is doing it big. It's only been a few years since he's been working in America and has landed a few covers so far. I've always wanted to work with him but he's so damn busy these days. Might just have to take a page from his book.

  Shot by: Susan Bowlus. Styled by: Alex Van der Steen

 Recent story by myself: Shot by me, Styled by moi.

O and here goes your hot mess lol:
It's the SNituation hahaha. imagine if they had kid woooooofff!lol

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A Blast from the Past

A Blast from the Past
Peter Linbergh reference Shot by myself.